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Finally!  A how-to manual for how to use and get the most out of this blog.  Some, perhaps younger The Life Literary readers, are very familiar with blogs, their structure and use.  Others, maybe readers LiteraryLee’s age (51) or older, are less familiar.  On this page I pop open the hood and show you just what makes this blog run.  After a link to a post about how to use The Life Literary, you will find a list of all the parts, each part a link to a brief description of what the part does.

The Life Literary is a place to find ideas for easy, doable ways to add words, beautiful, literary ones, into your life. It’s also where you can read the things I’m writing.  Maybe this little road map will be of use as you navigate this site.

How to Use The Life Literary
In this blog I discuss and model ways to shake a dash of literary on your life.  (Or serve yourself a thick slab, if you’d like).  I call it living literarily.  There are a couple of ways to use and enjoy The Life Literary.  Read more…

The Life Literary’s Parts (click on a term for a brief explanation)

Categories(Buckets for similar articles)
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From the Bride’s Father’s Notebook
– (A Dad’s perspectives on the big event)
Header and Header Notes
– (A stretched out bit of self-expression)
Home Page
– (The starting point)
Leave a Comment
– (Tell the Blogger what you think)
(Hover the cursor over the picture)
Post – (A blog’s building block; the individual articles)
Search – (Find just what you want to read)
Share/Save – (How to send an article to your friends or keep it handy to read again)
Tabs/Pages – (Guideposts for this blog)
Tags – (Help to find a topic)
The Life Literary on Twitter
The Ideas – (Adding Words to Life)
What I’m Writing – (Projects and Collections)


Let’s Pop Open The Hood

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