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Obituaries: Life Affirming, Bite-Sized Bios

I appreciate obituaries.  Reading an essay by Gustav Leonhardt in an Economist magazine a few years ago reminded me that an account of a person’s life, written at the time of his or her death, can be very life-affirming.  I … Continue reading

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The Idea River

Ideas strike.  Ideas infiltrate.  Ideas emerge. They also flow. Sometimes an idea flows into my brain, entering my awareness like a sweetly meandering river.  I admire the idea for a bit and think, “Wow, that’s great.  I’ll never forget it.”  … Continue reading

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Employee Review in Verse

A fact I have never disclosed in this blog is that I am a U.S. federal government employee. The agency that employs me requires us to produce employee reviews once a year. I think this is pretty standard practice in most businesses … Continue reading

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