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Welcome to the Header Notes page.  You can find a caption for the current header shot, as well as captions and links to past ones.  The header itself is a cropped portion of the original shots you will find by clicking the links on this page.  Fascinating how a good or even mediocre picture can be improved by cutting parts out, or cropping.  I suppose a photographer’s goal is to frame it right in the first place.  Please leave comments about the photos or to report links that don’t work at the bottom of this page or send an email to: aschield@thelifeliterary.com.

Current header:  Roman Balcony Cascade

A brief description of headers: About the Header

View a gallery of many past headers: Header Gallery

Recent Past Headers
– Fit to be tidal (Along the Potomac River in late September)
– My friend, June Green
– City loves the stage
– Chicago, The Uncontainable
– Urban Forests
– De-light-ful Oregon Coast!
– Colorful spring food trucks in bloom.
– A forest floor gathers much moss.
– Winter morning moonset.
– January at the monastery: The Goal
Drop me a line.
Wood: you look at that!
– A capital Christmas from LiteraryLee.
– Making Old Town Christmas arrangements.  (Old Town Alexandria residents dress their houses for each season.  This was an especially beautiful display in the window of an historic home.)
– Fall
in the water (Cherry blossom tree leaves floating in the Tidal Basin, Washington, D.C.)
Fall into step (Along the Signers of the Declaration Pond, National Mall, Washington)
– Leave Fall Be.
Changing leaves in training (At the Manassas Depot)
Autumn Sumac, Brooklyn Botanical Garden
– Memorial Bridge across the Potomac (Georgetown in the distance)
Monarch of the Mexican Sunflower
– Oh Autumn, my Autumn!
Squash Parade
– Singles and pears
Kernels at the General’s (At the Mt. Vernon Pioneer Farm)
– Scaling Mount Carrot at the Alexandria Market
Woodrow Wilson Bridge Painted Pink
– Late summer Bean Glory
An ocean of Summer grass
Huge Hibiscus spilling over the Header’s borders
The red sea: At a Cardinals game in St. Louis.
Daylillies in front of the World Health Organization building in Washington.
– Awash in Black-eyed Susans behind the Federal Reserve Board Building in Washington.
Dainty yellow flowers, from a bed of bricks
– A Burst of Crepe Myrtle near Union Center
– Trusty pen
– The Old Executive Office Building from Constitution Avenue.
– The flag flying in front of the U.S. Department of State building in Washington, D.C.
Audience Scene at the Clearwater Festival’s Rainbow Stage
– Strawberry fields forever: Strawberries for sale at the Alexandria Market
– Mocking Bird eggs in a nest in the hedge the surrounds the Lorelei, the garden in front of our apartment
Fountain arose (at Robert Latham Owen Park, Washington, D.C.)
Purple perky: Alliums on parade
– What the hedge hath wrought

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