This page links to articles that try to answer the question, why The Life Literary?  What’s behind all this?  Each paragraph, below, leads to essays about what this blog is all about.

The Basic Idea Behind The Life Literary
The Life Literary
is my workshop for word play and use.  It’s also where I note ways to live literarily.  Here I write, record, comment, list.  And play.  Walk around a workshop.  Find sawdust piles, half-finished objects , split wood, bent nails and maybe a rare, lovely find.  Read More

The Life Literary Mission Statement
Visitors to The Life Literary are in for some fun.  TLL readers will have the chance to enjoy words and be ennobled by all things literary.  From essays to word plays, poetry to puns, literary events, daily sentences, narratives, and more, TLL will encourage and model a literary life.  Read More

The Idea River
Ideas strike.  Ideas infiltrate.  Ideas emerge.  They also flow. Sometimes an idea flows into my brain, entering my awareness like a sweetly meandering river.  Read More

The Story of The Life Literary’s and the Daily Sentence’s Birth
August 28, 2009 – Today I rushed to the Kennedy Center to get stuck there during a rain.  Black clouds sailed into view.  Lightning flashed.  The storm approached rapidly, but I made it ahead of the rain.  Naughty fellow, rushing away from my office instead of back towards it, risking spending more than a lunch hour away from work.  Read More


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