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The Creator’s Whimsy

I’m sitting here on the subway enjoying watching the colorful and entertaining diversity of people around me: endless shades of color, variations of height, weight, hair, adornment (clothes, jewelry, bag), demeanor, probably religion and world view, and a whole lot more. … Continue reading

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A Well-Seasoned Celebration

June 21, 2012 I want a way to note each of the year’s four seasonal watersheds, the two equinoxes that usher in Spring and Fall and mark the halfway point to extreme light or darkness, and the solstices, cosmic exclamation … Continue reading

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March Fourth? March Forth!

Click for a soundtrack to this post:   Washington Post March Once again March 4 is here.  I still get pleasure, probably a little childish, saying to people, “Today is my favorite day of the year.”  I enjoy springing my … Continue reading

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I aspire to this

Here’s another sweetly written essay by Verlyn Klinkenborg, published in last Sunday’s New York Times.  I want to live life doing what he does: “…write and read and do chores and whatever I can to stem the tide.” Mouse House … Continue reading

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Reason 23 for Writing Regularly in a Journal or Notebook

Reason 23 for writing in a journal: It’s a good outlet for the drivelisdom* (pronounced: drih-vuhl-IZ-dum) slushing around in your head.  Also, you can go back to it later and say, “Gosh what drivel,” or “Gosh, how wise.”  Here’s a … Continue reading

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Do You Talk to Yourself? Write it Down!

Do you talk to yourself?  Write it down.  Carry a small notebook with you wherever you go so you can be your own secretary, taking down the notes, the words, the ideas you are speaking in your own mind.  Sitting … Continue reading

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Autumn Striptease

About three hours west of here, close to the sources of the great Potomac which these days saunters lazily by our apartment, a small community in the Appalachians is convening a five-day festival called Autumn Glory.  I’m pretty sure scores … Continue reading

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Once Again, It’s All About the Guy

October 15, 2011 I paid my respects at the tomb of the Female Stranger yesterday.  I really should think of a name for her.  I’m coming to believe she deserves more than to be shrouded in the shreds of a … Continue reading

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Permission to Fail, Create, Believe

I am coming to think that part of living is giving yourself permission to do certain things. I am learning the importance of giving myself permission to fail.  This culture, our society, maybe people in general want to get it … Continue reading

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Before the Fall

I usually look around and find too much time has gone by too quickly, startled it’s as late as it is, but not right now.  These days seem to drag slowly by, one…by…one.  Summer is over but not yet, really.  … Continue reading

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