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Sun’s Spotlight on Fall’s Palette

The just-over-the-horizon sun this morning lit a landscape of late fall trees in and around a brilliant green golf course and a cluster of white houses with rust red roofs amid more brightly-leaved trees.  The whole scene was laid out … Continue reading

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Of Leeks, Cucumber Memories and a Clean Fall Garden

Visited Smith on Sunday, a fine, Fall afternoon, to dig sweet potatoes and couldn’t believe what all else was ready, too.  I picked a half dozen honorable Anaheims, a mildly hot pepper we pickle and like for cooking because it … Continue reading

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Autumn Striptease

About three hours west of here, close to the sources of the great Potomac which these days saunters lazily by our apartment, a small community in the Appalachians is convening a five-day festival called Autumn Glory.  I’m pretty sure scores … Continue reading

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Possible Names for the Apple, Candy Corn and Pretzel Combination

I recently wrote about a unique fall taste treat I like to eat, apples, candy corn and pretzels.  I’ve been coming up with possible names for that combo.  Here is the list so far.  Feel free to add some of your … Continue reading

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Apples, Candy Corn and Pretzels

Once upon a time for about five years, in another life I sometimes hardly believe I lived, my office was a car, and my place of work, a couple thousand square miles of Appalachia in portions of West Virginia, Maryland, … Continue reading

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Fall Display

I think I’ll blame my mother. O.K., maybe not blame.  How about attribute or credit?  Or thank.  Every October, I like making a little arrangement of autumn items I call my fall display.  I do it partly because I love … Continue reading

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Keynote Address Delivered at the Autumnal Equinox Ball (at which a Venerable but Feeble Summer and a Ruddy, Glowing Autumn were in Attendance)

Distinguished Seasons, Special Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,  it is my great privilege to be making a few remarks this evening at the Annual Equinox Ball.  I am especially honored to be seated here at the same table  with our Season … Continue reading

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