Adding Words to Life

I’m compiling ideas for how anybody can add words to daily living.   Words enrich life.  I’d like to think a regular diet of excellent, sometimes funny, sometimes profound, sometimes poetic, hopefully always well-written words, even a few at a time, might make a difference in this word-wallowing world.

These links lead to a lot of  suggestions for how to live literarily.  They will take you to the many ideas I’ve collected for how to sprinkle some words in your life.  Many of these are simple actions, easy to incorporate.  Others take more time.  All of them, in one way or another, will give someone who is not a literary professional ways to live in a literary way, adding a bit of depth and fun to living.

Write – Writing is a cornerstone of literary living.  Expressing thoughts, ideas, feelings and impressions on paper helps me own and incorporate everything I take in.  Writing provides an outlet for things that really need to get out: joy, anger, ideas, dreams and so much more.
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Writing Ideas (Many ideas for ways big and small a person can add writing as a part of every day life.)

Memorize Poems – On this blog I’ll post tips and ideas I’ve discovered about memorizing poems,  songs and prose pieces, plus a list of links to all the poems I’ve committed to memory.
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The List of Poems I’ve Memorized
Poem Memory Tips
Three Years of Poem Memorizing

Host a Literary Event – A literary event or party surprises everyone who attends.  Who expects a meal with people reading poems or singing songs interspersed throughout to be anything great?    Literary parties center around a theme, includes good food and drink, and gives guests the opportunity to participate.
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Literary Event Articles

Play with Words – I love words.  They’re fun.  Words are a lot of things to me: comforting, beautiful, entertaining.  They are also toys.  I like playing with words, experimenting with sounds, making up new words and more.  I even collect words…
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Word Play Articles and Examples
The Duck Series

Original Poems
Word Collections

Read– Books and reading were hugely important to me and still are.  The written word has always been such a key, central part of my life.  I owe so much of how I grew up, what I know and how I think, to reading.
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Reading Articles

Devotion – Spirituality is universal.  A lot of people the world over have faith in some sort of higher power, a god or gods of various descriptions.  Because of this, people do devotional acts of one sort or another: prayer, singing, corporate worship, meditation, studying sacred texts, acts of charity and more.
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Devotion and Spirituality Articles

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