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This page contains links to things I am reading or have read, both books and articles.


I want to share articles I have read and particularly liked.  Though the content is important, I’m really going to focus on items I thought were particularly well-written.  Not that everything you read has to be some perfect literary creation.  But it’s good to read at least some things that are wonderfully, artfully imagined and constructed.

Articles I have read and like


I regret not keeping a list of all the books I’ve ever read.  I would have started it in 1965 when I was in first grade and had just learned to read.  I’ll never forget the cover of that first book.  It had a picture of two boys in a rowboat.  The book, checked out from the library, felt wonderfully heavy and thick; I felt so mature, so accomplished!  If I had kept that kind of list it would be a tome by now, a precious treasure and invaluable window into some of my early and ongoing literary influences.

The list of books I’ve read and the one I’m reading now



How to Use The Life Literary

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