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Before Christmas this Year I Loved You Once Again

I walked into the house This day, ten days before Christmas. You, your friends, Handel-ing the season at the Concert Hall Me, starting to pack our van, the holiday mobile we will drive to this year’s Noel near the Hudson. … Continue reading

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Keynote Address Delivered at the Autumnal Equinox Ball (at which a Venerable but Feeble Summer and a Ruddy, Glowing Autumn were in Attendance)

Distinguished Seasons, Special Guests, Ladies and Gentlemen,  it is my great privilege to be making a few remarks this evening at the Annual Equinox Ball.  I am especially honored to be seated here at the same table  with our Season … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Union Center

Life in and around the Union Center goes at its own pace, listens to its own music, lives by its own rules.  A jarring combination of open and shut, welcoming and forbidding, not everyone is comfortable even visiting, not to … Continue reading

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Down to the River to Pray – 1

So surprised to hear the resignation in your voice.  I wouldn’t have expected it given all the good things going on in your life now.   Sensing you so weighed down wrinkled my brows and sagged my heart.  I look … Continue reading

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Garden: A Love Story – Introduction

A Surgery Planted the Seed Thank goodness for my mother’s back surgery.  No, not really.  I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.  Nevertheless, it was her operation that first opened the door to me, at age 15, to the world of the garden.  Though mom’s surgery was successful … Continue reading

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Of A’ The Airts

Robert Burns Of a’ the airts the wind can blaw, I dearly like the west, For there the bonie lassie lives, The lassie I lo’e best: There’s wild-woods grow, and rivers row, And mony a hill between: But day and … Continue reading

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