The Creator’s Whimsy

I’m sitting here on the subway enjoying watching the colorful and entertaining diversity of people around me: endless shades of color, variations of height, weight, hair, adornment (clothes, jewelry, bag), demeanor, probably religion and world view, and a whole lot more. It suggests to me a whimsical, variety-loving, Creator Who probably has a sense of humor to have made us as He did. If God had wanted some sort of highly efficient, super and perfect people, He’d probably have done that. But He didn’t; at least it seems that way from the evidence all around me at the moment. So why don’t we, a fascinating, wacky crazy quilt of humanity, figure out ways to act and live that benefit us all?

And why can’t we all simply marvel and enjoy the glorious spectacle of it all, of us all?

About literarylee

I sling words for a living. Always have, always will. Some have been interesting and fun; most not. These days, I write the fun words early in the morning before the adults are up and make me eat my Cream of Wheat.
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