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Noting a New Nativity

I probably shouldn’t have used the word nativity just now. I meant it as in, a new birth of a writing life. And I’m a pathetic sucker for alliteration, even if it’s forced, silly, or excessive. Noting a New Beginning … Continue reading

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Introducing This Blog’s New Baby Brother

This blog has a new baby brother named Carrot and Honey.  It’s where I am writing about my year of unpaid sabbatical leave. Why two blogs?  I have always  considered The Life Literary to be more of a portfolio of … Continue reading

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Writing A Sentence

Here’s an interesting and helpful essay by Verlyn Klinkenborg about writing sentences.  He says that most sentences do not say what the writer intended they say, and that a sentence writer needs to learn to understand that his sentence will … Continue reading

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Expressing Their Viewpoint in a Literary Way

I’m jotting this down with about an hour left of Sunday.  I started today in New York City, the Borough of Brooklyn to be exact, and to save money and for whatever other high-minded reason, I didn’t buy a Sunday … Continue reading

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Postcard From 6,000 Feet

How did I end up more than halfway up 11,000 foot Mount Hood?  Nearly two weeks ago we toured Portland, an urban jewel set in a mossed-tree temperate rain forest.  Then, a drive south along the Oregon Coast oohing and aahing at dramatic … Continue reading

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Another Postcard: Donuts in Portland

We ate donuts our last day in Portland at a famous shop called Voodoo Donuts.  Their tasty products, cake and yeast goodies unusually and richly colored and flavored, labor under thick swaths of icing encrusted with colorful sweet cereals, mini candies and treats.  … Continue reading

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Postcard from the Oregon Coast

We found a lovely hotel built right along the beach.  We look out from our room to see a full frontal view of the Pacific.  We watch storms blow in and then away, blue skies and water to gray and … Continue reading

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I aspire to this

Here’s another sweetly written essay by Verlyn Klinkenborg, published in last Sunday’s New York Times.  I want to live life doing what he does: “…write and read and do chores and whatever I can to stem the tide.” Mouse House … Continue reading

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One Month – 21 Sentences

This idea is a winner.  After one month of keeping a calendar journal, I have collected 21 sentences describing events, ideas and memories from over the last 31 days.  Though only one month has passed, I’m surprised to discover I … Continue reading

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Reason 23 for Writing Regularly in a Journal or Notebook

Reason 23 for writing in a journal: It’s a good outlet for the drivelisdom* (pronounced: drih-vuhl-IZ-dum) slushing around in your head.  Also, you can go back to it later and say, “Gosh what drivel,” or “Gosh, how wise.”  Here’s a … Continue reading

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