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March Forth, Mr. Editor!

I have founded a holiday called March Forth. No, I didn’t misspell the word fourth. I mean for it to be a play on words, a pun. Long ago when our now adult children were little, I started celebrating March … Continue reading

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Expressing Their Viewpoint in a Literary Way

I’m jotting this down with about an hour left of Sunday.  I started today in New York City, the Borough of Brooklyn to be exact, and to save money and for whatever other high-minded reason, I didn’t buy a Sunday … Continue reading

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Maybe Literary Isn’t Quite the Word I’m Looking For

I’ve been thinking about this blog lately and am wondering if I named it usefully.  Sure, it’s a sweet piece of alliteration, The Life Literary.  It’s also convoluted or backwards in a slightly poetic way.  You would expect to find the adjective before … Continue reading

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First Day of Autumn: Another Full Journal in the Compost

Like a colorful, drying leaf that’s served its great purpose, absorbing sunlight and creating nourishing energy, that now falls gently down to earth, so I shelve another journal fully absorbed with my musings, blatherings, rough drafts, ideas; a smattering collection of words, some dumb, some brilliant, … Continue reading

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The Life Literary Mission Statement

Visitors to The Life Literary are in for some fun.  TLL readers will have the chance to enjoy words and be ennobled by all things literary.  From essays to word plays, poetry to puns, literary events, daily sentences, narratives, and … Continue reading

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Articles I’m Reading

This page is for links to articles I have read and particularly liked.  Though the content is important, I’m really going to focus on items I thought were particularly well-written or that discuss the writer’s (and the artist’s in general) craft.  I’m … Continue reading

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