Writing Log – 12/3/21

Not much quantity or time today. Many interruptions demanded many moments which added up fast. I’m thinking of the time I managed to carve out as quality. I wrote the opening paragraph for the first chapter of TBL. Even a paragraph can be enough to get a ball rolling down a hill. More significantly, however, I started a journal/morning pages routine. The many journals/notebooks/commonplace books from writing during 2007-2013 were key to the whole process. Glad to be back at it. Even more glad to want to be doing it.

I also started a list of regular and one-time tasks. These items entered my brain fast and unbidden, a good and familiar sign. I will soon wish for many more hours in which to work.

About literarylee

I sling words for a living. Always have, always will. Some have been interesting and fun; most not. These days, I write the fun words early in the morning before the adults are up and make me eat my Cream of Wheat.
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