March 4, 2010 Letter to my Family

Happy March 4th!

Once again, the day especially made for bold and decisive action is here.  I want to wish each of you a happy March 4th, and hope you take the opportunity to march forth in whatever decision or action you choose.

For me, I’ve been learning these past weeks and months to trust myself, my inclinations and abilities, my thoughts and opinions, in some ways more than ever before.  Actually, I’m coming to know and (incredibly) take care of myself in a way I never have before.  Stepping forth boldly and confidently can be, at least for me, a scary thing to do; I’m learning it can also be exhilarating and even the right thing to do.

All eight of us right now have decisions and challenges and opportunities either in the near or not-too-distant future.  Work decisions, life decisions, and more loom ahead.  Back in December when I hit a very rough patch at work, I saw it as a blow, a threat, even an attack.  I now recognize it was just another opportunity to step out with all the boldness and confidence I can muster.  Humorously, I’m to the point of almost being disappointed if things turn out “poorly”…well, not quite, but close.  Also, in the last two days I was offered the position I had really wanted (in a particular office that deals with religion and public policy…I didn’t and couldn’t take it because I already accepted the job I am scheduled to move to this summer), a permanent position in my current office (which would mean leaving my current status and “moving” to Virginia long-term…that would be a big step!), plus another long-delayed work-related issue was resolved positively.  Each of these mini-milestones gave your mom and me a nice boost, plus each was a reminder that when a person steps out boldly, very often, if not always, there will be some sort of stepping stone or pathway or road marker to help move him or her along.

Your mother and I keep each of you in our prayers and thoughts all the time.  We love you, admire you, and cheer you on as you take one step after another.

Marching forth and loving each of you,


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I sling words for a living. Always have, always will. Some have been interesting and fun; most not. These days, I write the fun words early in the morning before the adults are up and make me eat my Cream of Wheat.
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