Garden Notes 3/26

Snow expected tonight.  Still agog.  Covered lettuce, spinach, radishes, bok choi in Jones with plastic row covers.  Conversely and humorously planted seven lettuce seedlings in Smith hours before predicted snow but didn’t cover those at all.  Been sitting out all week; thoroughly hardened off.  No great loss if they go, but satisfying triumph (and more garden lore gained) if they survive.  Planted as a border.  Will extend border with more adolescent lettuce next weekend.

Walla Walla onion seeds in Jones finally sprouting!  Sheesh!  About time!  Had about given up on them.  (tell me again why I love this activity, this risky gamble of a waiting game called gardening?)  Planted them in rows between spinach and lettuce, an attempt to add interest and get the most out of the space.

Garden produce consumed last few days: spinach from The Lorelei.  (What I’ve named the garden space outside my front door.  Now it’s Smith, Jones, and The Lorelei. I like the sound of it.)

More produce consumed: while typing this am eating a green onion I pulled today.  Egyptian (walking) onion.  Dug the ones that “walked” into the pathway at Smith.  Am “digging” eating this one, the stem so sweet, the green, a poignant peppery-hot spring kick in the rear; memories of childhood.

Still more: picked mint at Smith; bushels grow there in summer.  Virtually a weed, but a tasty aromatic one.  Used in season’s first mint juleps.  Summer drink in March?  You bet!  So sue me.

Covered gorgeous broccoli plants in The Lorelei with a motley crew of boxes, plastic containers, pots and a blue bucket.  Too healthy and promising to leave to predicted snow’s tender mercies.



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