From the Bride’s Father’s Notebook – Day 13

Friday – New Year’s Day, 2010

Today we said good bye to our two sons and their significant others.  Always sad to see them go.  Especially poignant for our our oldest who lives with his wife in Accra, Ghana, West Africa.  So far away.  Our time together, the talking, the eating and drinking, the sharing of once-in-a-lifetime moments (a wedding, an engagement), the shared stories and jokes; all these combined to make the partings a little melancholy.  The only good thing about them leaving is that it marked the beginning of our returning to normal life, normal time.

We’re pooped.  Exhaustion had pulled up a chair in our brains, popped some popcorn, gotten chips and dip and a few beers, and was fiddling with the t.v. to find the game.  We  should have done the same except that with what energy we had left, we wanted to spend time with the bride and groom before they departed.

I’ll tell you one thing we sure didn’t have to do and that’s cook.  Leftovers practically poured out of the fridge.  We had to tie a few straps around it to keep the door shut (just kidding, but needing to do that wouldn’t have surprised me.)  Not only did we still have ham and cheeses and fruits and breads left from the reception, but also from other meals served to groups, like grilled hamburgers on New Year’s Eve and I think even some turkey (always leftover turkey) from the previous Sunday.

That evening we drove to the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial along the Tidal Basin in Washington.  I always love visiting the FDR.  It is lovely in all seasons and at all times of the day.  Single digit temperatures and fierce wind chills made us walk briskly.  We didn’t stay long, but it was a good way to force ourselves to stay awake just a bit more, the frigid cold forcing our weary bodies to finish that day’s race to the prize at the end: a much deserved, long night’s sleep.

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