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In An Israeli Family’s Home

September 2004 Hello from Jerusalem, My goal?  Your kitchen!  While living overseas I think this should be my cross-cultural pick-up line:  Hey baby, I wanna get in your kitchen. Some of my most interesting experiences have been in homes of … Continue reading

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Bombay Letters 2, March 1998

Date: March 12, 1998 Subject: A Bit About Food Hello from India! So glad to get a few messages from you via email.  My Hotmail address is still current and active but I do not have regular or easy access … Continue reading

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Bombay Letters 1, March 1998

Date:                Monday, March 2, 1998 Subject:           Finally a Letter! Dear Family, First, we are here, happy, and safe.   Second, our home number is 011‑91‑22‑386‑4444.  You can reach us at it for about two weeks or so until we … Continue reading

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Bombay Letter Introduction

My work took me and my family, my wife and three children, to Bombay, India where we lived for two years, 1998 and 1999.  This was my first assignment with my new employer and I was flush with the excitement … Continue reading

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Response to a NYT Editorial about Robert Burns (first version)

NYT Robert Burns Editorial I will agree it’s fun to give haggis a little kick in the hurdies* from time to time.  A sausage made from chopped and cooked sheep’s lung, kidney and heart (with onions, salt, pepper, suet and … Continue reading

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Redemption: Start in the Corner

My daughter, a married college sophomore, wrote an email awhile back.  She felt overwhelmed with all the work she had to do, and discouraged that she wasn’t doing it as well as she could or should.  She was even worrying … Continue reading

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The Five Dollar Christmas Deal

(Our Christmas 2007 letter) December 2007 The Five Dollar Christmas Deal It’s 6 a.m. on a cold, December Saturday morning and I’m fixing coffee and oatmeal.  I still find it hard to believe my wife is in Bali, Indonesia.  I … Continue reading

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Good Ole Fashioned Linear Thinking

(If possible, I edit and re-read every bit of communication, every email and letter I send.  Even trivial or routine emails, to my my wife, my children, my parents, a friend, I go over, trying to tighten the language, fix … Continue reading

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