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I sling words for a living. Always have, always will. Some have been interesting and fun; most not. These days, I write the fun words early in the morning before the adults are up and make me eat my Cream of Wheat.

Writing Log – 12/3/21

Not much quantity or time today. Many interruptions demanded many moments which added up fast. I’m thinking of the time I managed to carve out as quality. I wrote the opening paragraph for the first chapter of TBL. Even a … Continue reading

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Writing Log – 12/2/21

Getting back into writing. Going to keep notes on what I accomplish. Today I outlined a children’s book called, “The Glue Lagoon.” The book is based on stories I told one of my grandchildren about a mysterious body of water … Continue reading

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Pursuing literary via gardens and grandchildren

March 23. I need to stop saying to myself, need to stop thinking that the gardening season is charging ahead without me, that I’m behind. Wondering if I’m that way with all of life: thinking I’m playing catch-up, worrying I’m … Continue reading

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Unrake My Yard (With Apologies to Joe Cocker)

Recently my wife and I put up a greenhouse in our backyard. It’s pretty cool, or should I say, at least on sunny days now in February, warm. It’s eight feet by twelve and set on an angle relative to … Continue reading

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Oh, and one more thing: Study

Besides daily writing, the content of which I outlined yesterday, I’m also, at the moment, a student. I’m in my church’s (the Orthodox Church in America) Diaconal Vocation Program. It’s essentially a self-paced, remote/online course of studies, at a sort … Continue reading

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Noting a New Nativity

I probably shouldn’t have used the word nativity just now. I meant it as in, a new birth of a writing life. And I’m a pathetic sucker for alliteration, even if it’s forced, silly, or excessive. Noting a New Beginning … Continue reading

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March Forth, Mr. Editor!

I have founded a holiday called March Forth. No, I didn’t misspell the word fourth. I mean for it to be a play on words, a pun. Long ago when our now adult children were little, I started celebrating March … Continue reading

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Dropping by the Book Festival

Today I took a peek at the 6th Annual College Park (Maryland) Book Festival held from 11-2 at the Community Center. I wandered up and down the rows of displays and marveled at all the people who live around here … Continue reading

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Obituaries: Life Affirming, Bite-Sized Bios

I appreciate obituaries.  Reading an essay by Gustav Leonhardt in an Economist magazine a few years ago reminded me that an account of a person’s life, written at the time of his or her death, can be very life-affirming.  I … Continue reading

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The Story of The Life Literary’s and the Daily Sentence’s Conception and Birth

August 28, 2009 Today I rushed to the Kennedy Center to get stuck there during a rain.  Black clouds sailed into view.  Lightning flashed.  The storm approached rapidly, but I made it ahead of the rain.  Naughty fellow, rushing away from … Continue reading

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